About Manifeste

RSVP is a design studio whose practice explores the beauty of modern craft.

We apply our design practice to the creation of the finest leather accessories. This means a rigorous study of form, function, and material matched with a traditional fabrication technique.

Approaching accessories from a design practice means developing a new vocabulary for contemporary expression.

We are the youthful image of French savoir-faire.

Handwork is at the core of all we do, in leather, objects, or the hand-sculpted walls of our boutique. Craft is a language that clarifies the essence of expression.

We are makers.

Craft has its own precise style, timing and rhythm

We express our new designs as select drops, punctuating time. RSVP rigorously designs and produces its accessories in numbered series of 500 pieces.

We are a community.

Born with a heritage of excellence in quality and craftsmanship, RSVP is deeply connected to both a community of generational artisans and the diversely sophisticated neighborhood where we work and welcome clients to our atelier and our boutique.

We are born and bred Parisians, engaged in the confluence of tradition, modernity, and mix of cultures that is the expression of the contemporary Parisian lifestyle. We are the new generation ensuring traditional savoir-faire remains a core value and measure of quality.

We are inebriated by the effervescence of international creators, artisans and artists, all collaborating together around the world. We have boutiques in Paris and Seoul.

We believe in a conscious legacy.

We consciously accept the responsibility that comes with making things. This responsibility comes from a profound respect for both our craft and our community.Our idea of legacy combines this respect with a promise for the future, what we inherit and what we contribute.Our engagement is proven and visible in the timeless style of our creations, our limited production, and in our guarantee of quality including repairs in our Parisian workshop. We apply this same care to past creations giving them a second life as we offer to repurchase, repair, and resell through NFT authentication.